GINOP Plus program

Loan program for SMEs with 0% interest

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The free use and investment purpose - currently still available with an interest rate of 5% - In addition to Széchenyi loans soon a 0% loan that can be applied for investments will be available – refundable subsidy.

"Within the first frame of the GINOP Plusz program, the government will provide a total of HUF 450 billion for the development of enterprises in the next period. Out of this, HUF 130 billion of funds can become available starting from the second quarter."

The purpose of the program is to provide micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with resources to maintain and increase their competitiveness, and for short- and medium-term income-generating developments and investments.

The funds are provided by the Hungarian Development Bank, applications and applications can be submitted at "MFB Points" - through the branch network of MBH Bank and Gránitbank.

The exact conditions of the construction are not yet known.


For what purpose can it be applied for?

  • financing of investments
    • acquisition of new tangible assets, machines, IT devices
    • for the purchase of technologies that utilize renewable energy sources and support green energy
    • acquisition of intangible assets related to the investment

Who can apply?

  • micro, small and medium enterprises can apply
  • With the exception of Budapest, it will be available throughout the country

Main exclusion conditions:

  • there can be no live execution or expired public debt - not only in the case of the company applying for the loan, but also for affiliated companies
  • Neither the company applying for the loan nor their owners or managers may have overdue loans
  • it is expected that businesses that are profitable and whose operating results have been positive in the last one or two years can apply


  • loan amount HUF 10-100 million
  • term: the same as the amortization period of the purchased assets (typically 5-7 years) - but a maximum of 15 years
  • self-power: max. 15%
  • Interest 0%

The HUF 130 billion budget - calculated with an average subsidy of HUF 40-50 million - approx. It ensures the approval of 3000 applications. Applications are processed in the order of submission according to previous practice, and applications can only be accepted with complete documentation.

Although the detailed conditions of the program are not yet known, if the company has specific investment intentions, it is worth preparing the applications so that the documentation is 100% by the time of submission.

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