Self-manufactured aluminum and stainless steel support structures fitting for all roof surfaces.

Professional solutions

for mounting solar panels

Nowadays the industry of renewable energy sources has already become essential for humanity, it is developing at a rapid pace, and we can enjoy more and more of its advantages.

There is no question that along with this we have to get familiar with new technologies, the essence of which technologies are environmental awareness and reliable, at the same time, simple handling in the long term.

A high-quality support structure plays an important role in the realization of these characteristics when using a solar system renewable energy source.

Accordingly, PSC Solar created PSC-Systems support structure.

By mounting the solar panels intended for the roofs of buildings we can provide a long-lasting result with PSC-Systems.

High quality, easy and quick assembly, durability and warranty were the primary considerations in the design and manufacture of the structure.

With the support structures of PSC-Systems, we can provide our partners with solutions for almost any roof surface, be it:


clay, concrete, CREATON, beavertail potter

skated plate

trapezoidal plate


ceramic plate

sandwich panel

flat roof

about a building with a shell and structure.

Our goal is to provide our customers dealing with solar panel construction with continuous supply on both the domestic and international markets. They can carry out their projects with reliable, high-quality support structures of favorable price category. they can realize their projects with a supporting structure.

Roof hooks

Mounting rails

Clamping and fastening elements

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Roof hooks

General Tile Roof Hook

10 pcs / box

3,2 €

Metal Standing Seem Roof Clamp

For roof surfaces covered with corrugated board.

20 pcs / box

3 €

Gerard Tile Roof Hook

Specially designed for Gerard roofs.

20 pcs / box

18 €

CREATON Tile Roof Hook

It can also be used for beaver tail tiles, it can be adjusted at 2 points.

12 pcs / box

9,5 €

Beaver Taile Tile Hook

20 pcs / box

3,2 €

Mounting rails

Mini Rail

Mini-rail for easy and quick installation on a metal roof with self-tapping metal screw and rubber sole.

Length: 400 mm

Height: 60 mm

25 pcs / box

2,9 €

Solar Rail

Available in two sizes:

Length: 4700 mm

14 €

Length: 3600 mm

10,5 €

Solar Rail Splice

An element for the extension and stability of the rails.

50 pcs / box

1,2 €

Clamping and fastening elements

Solar Hanger Bolt

Length: 200 mm

30 pcs / box

2,8 €


Height: 640 mm

30 pcs / box

1,3 €

Solar Panel Rail End Clamp

For a panel thickness of 30 mm, with a slider for fixing the rail.

50 pcs / box

0,5 €

Solar Panel Rail Mid Clamp

Together with Easy-Clip.

50 pcs / box

0,5 €

Solar Sliding Nut

DIN internal keyhole screw and sliding nut.

50 pcs / box

0,38 €